Print Media Usage of Marked Variants in Croatian and Serbian

About the Newspapers


Jutarnji List has a circulation of about 115,000 copies daily and was started in 1998. It is one of the most widely read newspapers in Croatia and is considered a liberal publication.

Vecernji List was founded in the 1950s and is the conservative counterpart to Jutarnji List. While it was once the widest –read newspaper in Croatia, its popularity waned throughout the 2000’s. It has historically been tied very closely to the government in power.

Vjesnik is considered the Croatian newspaper of record and was originally published in 1940. It was closely tied to the communist government before 1990 and after Croatia declared independence in 1990 was tied to the Croatian Democratic Union. It is generally considered pro-government and has a circulation of around 9,660.


Politika is considered the Serbian newspaper of record and was founded in 1904. It is known for its high-quality contributors for the region and has a circulation of about 125,000.

Danas is a left-leaning Serbian newspaper created in 1997 in response to crackdowns on media freedom in the country. The paper remains very separate from government and takes a much more liberal stance on human rights issues.